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About Us

Evans Laboratories Incorporated was founded in Prescott Valley, Arizona in the United States in January of 2023.  We realized that each of us holds the future of our world in our hands.  As such, our lab is engaged in new, novel software and hardware research and development to help solve some of humanity's problems.  The lab's founder, Eric Evans, believes that no single person or single branch of science can solve all humanity's problems.  As such, we bring together talents from around the world and from all branches of science to improve the world for all humanity one project at a time.

Current Fields of Study


Most current advances in technology require electricity and yet much of the world's land mass has no reliable electrical supply.  Localized electricity generation and storage makes more technology usable in more places.  We are currently researching passive electricity collection and extremely power efficient devices.


We are researching new network technologies to spread Internet to underserved areas, new forms of mesh networks to increase resiliency and speed, and tools to connect all manner of electronic devices wirelessly, inexpensively, and easily (IoT).


Most larger software services today are made up of many smaller microservices.  Those microservices often run on various systems.  We are researching ways to build simpler, less resource intensive, more interoperable microservices that are agnostic toward the systems they run on, and which can be dynamically replicated and migrated as needed to low resource servers anywhere in the world according to current needs.


Everything we do has metrics.  Those metrics are the observable bits of what we do.  Without a way to observe those metrics, we are blind to the results of our work.  We are researching metric generation, tracing, cleaning, integration, distribution, logging, modeling, visualization. and analysis to ensure that all our products are always at the forefront in these aspects.  We understand that knowledge is power.

Human to Computer Interfacing

With the current state of artificial intelligence, computers have become invaluable tools on a level never seen before.  The best tools are the ones that feel like an extension of ourselves.  As such, we are researching non-invasive brain-computer interfaces such as EEG and magnetic generation of electrical impulses in our brains.  We are also researching alternative designs for VR/AR headsets as direct brain interaction isn't ready yet.

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